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Soft Lad

Twenty-two year old David has it all – he’s young, attractive and has just gotten into a prestigious dance school. But he’s also been sleeping with his sister’s husband Jules for two years, and is beginning to feel the strain. Throwing himself into a one-night stand with Sam, he soon ends up in another intense relationship. Except this one is allowed to be public, a fact that slowly drives Jules into the depths of jealousy and frustration. When David and Sam come over for dinner, matters will come to a head. And nothing will be the same again.

The directorial debut from BBP's very own Leon Lopez, Soft Lad is a mightily impressive low-budget feature boasting a host of familiar faces: a taught, intelligent tale of lust and jealousy in contemporary Liverpool. 

The Definition of Lonely

A dog brings two unlikely strangers together. An award winning film that examines the ideas of loneliness and hope.’ Winner of best gay short film at OUTWEST Film Fest 2015!

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In Production

Let's Talk About Gay Sex And Drugs

Short documentary about a  monthly open mic night in London, where speakers are encouraged to talk about their experiences  to do with the ever increasing drug and sex culture thats taking over the gay scene.

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A tangled web of lies and deceit, in this Film Noir inspired short film. Attempted murder and adultery all under one black household. 

Starring screen favourites Adele Silva and Suzanne Collins alongside BBP's 'Soft Lad''s very own Craig Stein. Directed by Leon Lopez, with music by Sean Green.



'Misunderstood tells the story of Omar, a young man who battles with his faith and beliefs after a tragic event.

A young muslim rapper who is trying to deliver a positive message about his faith whilst being overshadowed by negative images from the press. Misunderstood finds Omar on the eve of one of the most important performances of his life.

Misunderstood stars Nicole Faraday and Marji Campi. Directed by Souhoud Al Sherif with Cinematography by BBP's Leon Lopez and edited by Brown Boy Productions.

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G O’Clock centres on the character of Alex, a 28 year old homosexual paramedic, who works and parties in London. While being an exceptional paramedic, Alex is arrogant in his belief that he can separate his party and work lifestyles. This firm belief that he is in control is tested when he meets the handsome young Nik, and over the course of a chillout, his work and party lifestyles collide. 

Written and directed by Mitchell Marion, with Cinematography by Jannik Schmoller

Colour grade by BBP 

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In Development

"How far will you go to protect the image of the ones you love?"

'JOYRIDE' is a generation film about the misconceptions and negative assumptions that some people commit crimes even before a crime has happened.  

Telling the story of 'JOEY', a young man hit on hard times, presumed guilty through association.